Poem: “Self-Worth”

Learn to accept what they reject And love what they try to correct Choose yourself even if they don’t And learn to see what they won’t Hear your voice even if they ignore You’re still worthy if they shut the door Because the world won’t always approve And if you… Continue reading

Poem: “Stranger”

You want to conform Because you hate feeling strange So you flow with the norm But then your soul parts ways Leaving you to follow man Because it wants no share In what it sees as quicksand While you approach with no fear Not because you cannot see For it’s… Continue reading

The Psychological Disorder our Ummah Needs to Heal From

The Psychological Disorder our Ummah  Needs to Heal From Dr. Marwa Assar I think if I was to diagnose our ummah (the collective Muslim community), I would diagnose it with depression.  A common trait I’ve witnessed in depressed clients I’ve worked with is that they tend to have a preoccupation with the past… Continue reading